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To maintain "current", Instructors, Examiners and Trainers must recertify their award(s) within 24 months of the certification or last recertification date.

The Lifesaving Society's Credit System recognizes individual needs and interests by encouraging leadership personnel to learn and improve through continuing education and professional development:

  • Earn 3 credits during the 2-year certification period by participating in courses, clinics and training programs identified on the Lifesaving Society Credit List.
  • Record your credits on the Credit Card dated and signed by the various course evaluators.
  • Mail, email or fax the completed Credit Card with the recertification fee to the Society's office. We send you back a renewed certification card (valid for another 2 years) together with a blank Credit Card and Credit List.
  • Leadership awards recertified at different times are subject to a recertification fee each time. Recertifying all your leadership certifications at the same time reduces your cost.

Note: Courses or continuing education opportunities, which do not appear on the Credit List, may also have credit value. Pre-season, in-service and special clinics or professional development activities may be eligible.