Anti-Harassment Policy

The Lifesaving Society is committed to providing an environment free of harassment. All individuals should be treated with respect and dignity. Each person has the right to participate and work in an amicable environment free of harassment.

All persons are encouraged to make it known that behavior contrary to this policy is unwelcome and offensive and to attempt to ameliorate the situation directly.

If necessary, steps may be taken under this policy. Individuals are reminded that they continue to have the right to seek redress from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and under the Criminal Code of Canada.

The Society's anti-harassment policy applies to Honorary Members, Active Members, Award Members, and staff of the Lifesaving Society New Brunswick when ostensibly acting in that capacity.


"Harassment" is defined as engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known unwelcome. A "complainant" is a person who alleges that harassment has occurred. A "respondent" is a person against whom the complainant's allegation is directed.

Complaint procedure

If unable to resolve the situation directly with the respondent, a complainant may report the alleged harassment to the Lifesaving Society New Brunswick CEO or, failing the CEO, the President. The CEO (or the President) shall ensure that an investigation into the circumstances of the allegations is conducted and appropriate disciplinary measures are taken if warranted.