Anaphylaxis Rescuer

Anaphylaxis Rescuer certifies a candidate in the prevention and first aid treatment of anaphylaxis using auto-injectors. Ideal for parents, school teachers, camp staff, day-care workers and first-aiders who require annual review.

Prerequisite: None.


Instruction & certification: Current Standard First Aid Examiners teach and certify candidates. The Lifesaving Society deems its certifications to be "current" for 24 months from the certification date.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Required reference material: Canadian First Aid Manual


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of:
    • what anaphylaxis is
    • recognizing an anaphylactic victim
    • importance of early recognition and treatment
    • types of auto-injectors available and differences
    • prevention and risk management of anaphylaxis
  2. Through practical activities whenever possible, demonstrate an understanding of the legal implications of providing first aid treatment.
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  4. Demonstrate the ability to manage an emergency scene (recognize, assess and act) and how to call emergency medical services (EMS).
  5. Demonstrate the recognition and care of a victim suffering anaphylaxis reaction.