Lifesaving Fitness

Lifesaving Fitness Award

Lifesaving Fitness (10 hr.): teaches the importance of physical fitness in lifesaving. The award is designed for participants of all ages who learn how to measure, monitor, and maintain personal physical fitness for lifesaving emergencies.

Prerequisite: 30 years of age or under or medical approval.

Evaluation & certification: Lifesaving Instructors evaluate all items and certify candidates.

Candidate recognition: Bronze, Silver, or Gold Fitness Award crest, certification card.


  1. Strength & endurance: Demonstrate an understanding of how to evaluate and improve strength and endurance fitness for lifesaving and physical activity.
  2. Intensity & strength: Demonstrate ability to evaluate intensity of activity and personal strength.
  3. Rescue breathing: Demonstrate rescue breathing for a period of 3 min. at pool- or dockside (victim and rescuer in deep water) with a victim of the candidate's choice or with a suitable device (manikin or equivalent).
  4. Power: Swim any stroke (dive start) 25 m or yd. or 20 yd. in Bronze, Silver or Gold time.
  5. Endurance: Swim any stroke (dive start) 200 m or yd. in Bronze, Silver or Gold time.
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  7. Upper body strength: Demonstrate ability to get out of the water onto a pool deck or dock using only the arms to lift self from the water and place one foot on the deck or dock.
  8. Supportive kick: While treading water, hold a 4.5 kg or 10 lb. object at the surface with one or two hands for Bronze, Silver or Gold time.
  9. Removal of object: Remove a 9 kg (20 lb.) object located at a depth of 3 m or yd. and at a distance of 3 m or yd from dock or poolside; surface, carry and place on dock or deck.
  10. Tow: Tow a passive victim (in Bronze, Silver or Gold time), with a suitable buoyant device (ring buoy, kickboard, rescue can or tube, etc.); rescuer and victim to start in the water.