Preschool 1

We encourage the parent to participate until their child lets them know they can do it themselves. These preschoolers will have fun learning to get in and out of the water. We'll help them jump into chest-deep water. They'll try floats on their front and back, and glides on their back while wearing a Personal Flotation Device. They'll learn to get their face wet and blow bubbles underwater.

  1. Enter and exit shallow water (assisted)
  2. Jump into chest-deep water (assisted)
  3. Face in water
  4. Blow bubbles in water
  5. Float on front and back (3 sec. each) assisted
  6. Safe movement in shallow water wearing PFD
  7. Glide on front and back (3 m each) assisted
  8. Water Smart messages: Within Arms' Reach; Wear a Lifejacket