Swimmer 2

These advanced beginners will jump into deeper water, and learn to be comfortable falling sideways into the water wearing a Personal Flotation Device. They'll be able to support themselves at the surface without an aid, learn whip kick, swim 10-15 m on their front and back, and be introduced to flutter kick interval training (4 x 9-12 m).

  1. Jump into deep water, return and exit
  2. Sideways entry wearing PFD
  3. Tread water 15 sec.
  4. Recover object from bottom in chest-deep water
  5. Wearing PFD, jump into deep water, tread 30 sec. and swim / kick 15 m
  6. Flutter kick on front, back and side 10 m each
  7. Whip kick in vertical position 30 sec. with aid
  8. Front crawl and back crawl 10 m each
  9. Interval training: 4 x 5 m flutter kick with 20 sec. rests
  10. Water Smart messages: Swim with a Buddy; Wear a Lifejacket; Check the Ice; Swim to Survive