Level 5


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how to Give Back to Lifesaving Sport.
  2. Demonstrate a racing dive start from a starting block.
  3. Demonstrate a racing dive start relay transition from a starting block.
  4. Demonstrate a racing finish on front and on back.
  5. Demonstrate three racing turns - front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke.
  6. Swim front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke - 50 m each.
  7. Sprint - 2 x 50 m with 45 sec. rest.
  8. Complete a 500 m workout.
  9. :::
  10. Demonstrate accuracy: hit a target at a distance of 5-10 m with a rope 3 times within 60 sec.
  11. Coil a rope two different ways.
  12. Swim 25 m, don fins and dolphin kick 25 m to starting point.
  13. Dive from a starting block and swim with fins - 25 m.
  14. Swim 50 m passing under an obstacle located at the halfway point.
  15. Dive start from deck with rescue tube; swim 25 m to secure a partially filled manikin; tow 25 m.